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10k to mean you’re “the most beautiful”? Only on Facebook

Note: I’m not going to mention the actual page or give a link for it because I personally believe it is a horrendous concept to do such a thing, and will damage a person’s self esteem if they don’t get the likes required. For the purposes of this little rant, I’m replacing the name of the page with StupidCo.

1OO likes = UGLY
25O likes = OKAY
5OO likes = PRETTY

That comes directly from a photo one of my friends on Facebook liked. It from a page called StupidCo, it proclaims to be a ‘beauty contest’ for teenagers and basically asks them to, well, post pictures of themselves and get people to rate them. And you get the ranking like before.

The image that was liked by this particular friend was basically a girl wearing a bikini in a suggestive pose. Clicking on the page to see this monstrosity would reveal many others - all teenagers - all ‘parading’ themselves to the world for likes. Males who would be shirtless, or lifting up a shirt, showing off their six packs; females wearing bikinis.

You know the whole world is going to end when these vain people will take over the world.

To be fair, there are some who don’t do this.

But the very nature of this ‘contest’ is to find attractive people.

A girl who wasn’t wearing a bikini has at the time of writing 1,750 likes. The girl my friend liked, who was wearing a bikini, has 20,500 likes and counting. The same goes for guys - you get more likes if you’re showing muscles and basically become the wet dream for gay guys, and teenage girls who think Justin Bieber and One Direction are ‘music’.

I feel sick in my stomach right now.

It is wrong in so many levels and I deeply fear the negative consequences of this Facebook page. In the land of the teenagers, simply being ‘not attractive’ can make you an outcast. I don’t think there is nothing wrong by being ‘sexy’ or ‘attractive’, I do find it offensive that you are being ‘ranked’ on your attractiveness by people on Facebook, and being humiliated because you don’t get enough ‘likes’ to satisfy your own image of yourself.

The people who created StupidCo should be ashamed of themselves.